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Stone Oaks Farms and some community partners are now offering wellness experiences to veterans at the farm.  Choose from one of the experiences listed below.  New experiences will be added based on season and availability. 


We won't pretend to understand what you as a veteran and your family are going through.  We are offering experiences to help you and your family heal in your new reality and hopefully offer you an opportunity to better your mental and physical wellbeing. 


All services are provided at no charge to veterans.  Simply text your name, the service you would like to try and a date and time that works for you to 905-587-0178.  We will reply if that works for us or suggest a time that does. 

For veterans who require a means of transportation to the farm, through private funding we can arrange to have you brought to the farm and then brought back home (limited to a 50 km range from the farm). 


We want to help and thank you for your services to our country, allow us and our farm to help heal you and your family.


barnyard bathing

Come to the farm and simply sit and enjoy some quiet time with our animals. 

There is no time limit on spending peaceful quiet time hanging out with the

chickens, goat, rabbit, dogs or cats.  Sometimes just sitting in the barnyard and

seeing who will come and sit and enjoy some cuddle time is a great stress reliever.


Come and explore the beauty of the land! Stone Oaks Farm prides itself on our

scenic trails -- the perfect way to lose yourself in nature either by yourself or with

a friend. Our trails are peaceful and quiet (though during hunting season there are

a number of gunshots that can be heard.  If this is triggering to you we don't

recommend a visit in the fall). We have 125 acres with trail systems throughout that

have a variety of terrain including rocks, sand, dirt, mud and puddles.  


horse groominG

Come spend some relaxing quality time at the farm grooming one of our horses. 

The horses will appreciate the spa time and you will have the opportunity to enjoy

some bonding time with a quiet friend.​

farm chore experience

Need some quality time outdoors but still need to keep busy?  This is a great

option that helps our animals, gives you purpose and alleviates some of the

workload on the farm!  Our best thoughts and ideas come from cleaning stalls,

feeding the animals, taking them for a walk, bathing them, cutting the grass,

basically any of the tasks on the farm that needs to get done.  We could use the

extra set of hands at all times and you get to enjoy the farm experience without

the responsibility of owning a farm!

pack a picnic and enjoy the pond

Come for a few hours and enjoy the view of the pond while having a light lunch or

snack.  There is a cabin at the pond so pond watching can be enjoyed year round

in any weather.  Animals you could see while hanging out in the cabin include

moose, deer, waterfowl, beavers and fox but it's anybody's guess who might come

for a drink at the pond or to swim in the water!

what to bring when visiting the farm:

  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory, no sandals are allowed for any experience on the farm

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks/lunch

  • Please no treats for the animals, we can provide those to you when you are here

  • If visiting during hunting season and you are planning on hiking the trails please make sure to wear bright colors and some orange

Disclaimer: We at Stone Oaks Farm are not health care practitioners, we are just kind people who want to see you and your family thrive and succeed.  We by no means are meant to replace any of your current health care providers or services.

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